What is an E-commerce?
This is a site that sells products and services through data transfer and funds over the internet.
This is basically an online store where goods and services are bought and sold over the internet. All transactions are done over the internet and where goods are involved delivery will be done by the seller.
Why E-commerce?
With Covid-19, everything came to a stand still and we could not mingle or go to the stores as we would before. Businesses were in turn affected since everyone was locked back in their homes.
To keep your business running without fear of contracting covid-19 , ecommerce is here for you.
E-commerce helps analyze the demand and forecasting models in a business. This will be very efficient in knowing what to do when and at what time in the business calendar.
E-commerce platforms i.e. the website will help you as the business person to keep tabs on sale, stock and customer preferences in real time and all over the world no matter the business channel.
Compared to physical stores, a cloud based commerce is flexible and can expand or shrink depending on the business need at all times. This therefore suits any and all businesses.
Finally it helps prepare for significant changes in consumer behavior.
The pandemic is not here to stay, it shall come to pass but consumers will have adopted to the new normal and the habits changed. Why don’t you move to the digital world with Host Masters https://hostmasters.co.ke/
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Fun Fact: E-commerce has been in existence for over 50 years.

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