Terms and Conditions

Payment  Terms

  1. Domain registration and hosting payable if full on order
  2. Website development / maintenance / graphic design & printing service payments
    Payment Terms: 50% on order, 25% after the first delivery review, 25% on delivery.
  3. Social media management
    Payment done in full on order.

NB: 10% charges on all overdue invoices (i.e after one month on every job delayed by the client.)

We trust this will meet with your approval and we assure you of our best attention at all times.
Host Masters Ltd

Lifecycle of our job card to determine any job status within our system.

As much as there might be delays due to unavoidable circumstances, we try our best to complete every job within the shortest time possible and a maximum of one month. We however close any job past this stipulated period of time. A customer might initiate reopening of the job within 3 months at no extra cost fee. In case there is no formal communication after the third month, the job is completely closed, and any payment made in advance is lost. A customer might reorder the job again at a new quotation.

Refund Policy

A service rendered and paid in full can be cancelled by either party due to many reasons, among them dissatisfaction. In such a case and when deemed valid, a refund of 70% will be processed within seven(7) working days. While we don’t advocate for service cancellation, we try all avenues to ensure services are rendered to customer’s satisfaction within stipulated timelines.

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