SSL/TSL in Kenya

SSL/TSL in Kenya

What is SSL/TSL?
Secure sockets layers (SSL) are protocols for establishing authenticated and encrypted links between networked computers. They are also known as TLS(This replaced SSL in 1999).

What are SSL Certificates?

SSL certificates are used to secure connections between a server, website and connected users. SSL ensures communication that happens between a web server and browser(s) remains encrypted and hence private. SSL certificates also increases google SEO ranking.
Uses of SSL/TLS
SSL is very important in securing web browsing via the HTTPs protocol.
A well configured HTTPs website includes an SSL/TLS certificate that is signed by a publicly trusted CA. So that when the user visits the HHTPs website they are assured of authenticity, integrity and encryption.
Such features allow users to securely transmit confidential information social security numbers ,credit card numbers ,and login credential over the internet.

SSL/TSL certificates vary depending on the validation methods used and the level of trust they confer with extended validation 9EV) offering the highest level of trust.

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