What is Web Hosting services

The first step is to register a business trading name and secure a physical location, similar to the digital world.

Investing in a business website is a good idea to establish an online presence for any business. Business website acts as the face of your business on digital world. A good business website educates, markets and sell goods and services online.

To set up the business online, you will have a series of files, HTML codes, and images as part of the website. All these files require a place to live, thus the need for a web hosting service.

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is simply renting some storage space on the internet for your business website. A web hosting provider offers space on web servers to store your files or website. This ensures that your website is available online whenever a browser is looking to visit. Web hosting allows you to publish website files on the internet.

Types of web hosting

Before you are out to find a reliable and reputable web hosting company, it is essential to understand various types of web hosting available. This helps you understand the best web hosting package for your website. They include:

·         Shared Hosting

This is the most common type of web hosting with online business owners. This is a type of hosting where different customers share the storage space from one powerful server. This is the most affordable web hosting plan, and it is also easy to use.

·         Dedicated hosting

In dedicated hosting, the website gets a server all by itself. They do not share the storage space with other internet users. This gives you full control over the servers. It is also possible to customize software and hardware depending on your needs.

·         Virtual private server – VPS

Just like in the case of shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) runs on shared physical server for different customers. However, each website has its own partition and you enjoy guaranteed dedicated resources. You will enjoy more storage, memory, and processing power than in the case of shared hosting, but at a price lower than a dedicated server.

·         Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is the ability to make websites or application programs to be accessible on the internet using the cloud storage technology. Cloud hosting is the most common and affordable hosting plans in current times. In this case, you do not rely on the disk space of a single server. You enjoy power from several resources, and this ensures you do not experience downtime. You also have the chance to grow the cloud space depending on the needs of your website.

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