how to grow an idea with professional email address

how to grow an idea with professional email address

When you want to communicate with your customers, visitors, followers, or business prospects, using a professional domain email with a customized email address not only gives you credibility but helps you manage all your communications in one place.

 Your idea could be a website that proves your knack for selling a great product, a social account with a unique angle that suddenly grows your audience, or an online portfolio that helps you get further in your career.

Because your email address is chosen by you — you can back up your messages with a brand name that looks professional and one that your customers can relate with,  and you have so much more credibility. You can also create an email address with your social media account name.

What is a professional email address?

A branded email address usually takes this format: A professional email is personalized to you:

Also called a domain name email address, having one helps your business or brand look more professional. It enables you to:

  • foster improved trust with prospects, customers, and visitors
  • promote your website and company
  • help your visitors remember where to go when they need your services  among other benefits.

Each time you send an email from a domain-based email address, you are reinforcing the name of your business, blog, or website to your visitors.

Fire up your email communications

  • Make the right impression with a custom domain email.
  • Make your mark as an expert consultant, coach, crypto trader, fintech expert, advisor, or influencer by using a professional email address with any business channel.
  • Make an impact. If you are a university graduate, software developer, graphic designer, or experimental app maker, or you’re on the job market, a professional email address adds a touch of digital flair.
  • Look professional when you are just starting a small medium or large business. To make your hot idea traction, brand yourself with a domain name. When you use a business name in your domain email format, it looks like or your domain is which is also the name of your website.
  • Gain trust when you are sending business communication out, it’s pretty common for small business to use a domain email. Their recipients know messages are from the same people who run the associated website/social.
  • Gain enhanced security with a professional email package, gets you access to 2FA, the ability to set up a passwords to protect your main account, and in-built anti-spam protection. These features are a huge advantage for everyone who uses domain business email, no matter their size.
  • Grow easily, You can also increase the number of mailboxes you have as the business team grows bigger at no added cost.
  • Gain credibility, a professional email address not only drives business awareness but also adds credibility.  Aligning your business/brand domain name + your website or profile, + your email address creates a lot of possibilities, which creates your business a a great first impression.
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